[tex-live] test Images by ftp

Artemio Gonzalez Lopez artemiog at mac.com
Sun Dec 24 11:34:27 CET 2006

On Dec 24, 2006, at 12:07 AM, Karl Berry wrote:

>     I downloaded the latest test image (2006-12-17),
> live or inst?


>     Initializing collections... install-tl.sh: line 1:
>     P_@=collection_texinfo: command not found
> This makes no sense to me.  Could the download be corrupted?

I don't think so, since the md5 digest matched. Anyway, to be on the  
safe side I downloaded the image again, and the problem persisted.

> Certainly that line is not line one of any script :).
> Something like that is probably executed dynamically, but nothing  
> comes
> to mind offhand.
>     Any suggestions anybody?
> Aside from trying to download again, see if the installed tree looks
> anything like normal.

The tree looks normal enough to me (its size is 1.2 GB, just like  

> If everything seems ok, then run
> install-tl.sh --debug and send me the output (there will be a lot).

See the attached texlive.log file.

> Thanks for trying it out.
> karl

Thanks a million to you and all the other guys who make texlive  

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