[tex-live] TL and win32

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Mon Dec 18 16:28:23 CET 2006

Akira Kakuto wrote:
>>>Anyway, there is no need to add platform specific dir, as I expect pdftex
>>>1.40 ready for all platforms for TL.
>>I've found some differences between TeXLive and W32TeX.
>>Please sync (if possible) to have the same pool files.
>>(1) mf.web and tex.ch
>>(2) alephdir
>>(3) omegadir
> I don't know pool files depend on the above differences or not.
> tex.ch in W32TeX is the same as that of LuaTeX by Taco et al.,
> except for sup_save_size and sup_font_mem_size which are the
> same as those of TeXLive. I don't remember from where I got
> mf.web. Changes in alephdir and omegadir follow from tex.ch
> by Taco et al.

FYI: I do not recall making any of these changes, so if I presumably
got them for 'my' upstream (pdftex-1.40-beta).

Best, Taco

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