[tex-live] Re: Debian TeX live packages are ready for testing

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Jul 21 01:14:55 CEST 2005

Hi Sebastian, hi Karl!

On Mit, 20 Jul 2005, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> >Sebastian: How can we split out the actual info stuff (not texinfo, but
> >info and info-key etc) from the bin-texinfo into bin-info tpm?
> >Do I only have to create a new tpm file, is this enough?
> >  
> and reference it from the relevant collection, yes.
> edit the BinPatterns, and the other sections get done
> automatically
> its not a great split, but its a small price
> to pay to make it play with Debian

On Mit, 20 Jul 2005, Karl Berry wrote:
>     its not a great split, but its a small price
>     to pay to make it play with Debian
> As someone working on both texinfo and tex live, it sounds quite yucky
> to me.  Why does the texinfo tpm need to be split up because of these
> new Debian packages?

I accept whatever you decide.

ATM I haven't split the texinfo.tpm into two, but have added special
cases to the generating scripts. As there are only a few files, this is
no problem.

So please, I do not want to decide about this matter, please tell me
what you want to have. I will adjust the tpm2deb accordingly.

ATM, as I said, texlive-texinfo contains everything what
collection-texinfo references, BUT the info, info-key, install-info
binaries plus the respective documentation. 

> In general, why bother having "texlive" versions of packages which
> Debian already has, like texinfo, lcdf-typetools, texi2html, and
> probably others?  Sorry, I find it all impossible to understand ...

This is exactely what I am trying to avoid!!! I want to get rid of dual
stuff. I do not know anything about the texinfo-debianpkg vs
texlive-texinfo, I guess they should be at the same release level. SO
probably only minor changes are necessary for making texinfo from debian
play well with current texlive.

Best wishes


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