[tex-live] Re: XyMTeX in TeX live

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Dec 4 19:10:00 CET 2005

Peter Samuelson wrote:

>[Hans Hagen]
>>how about a package (zip or rpm) with 'goodies'; since user are
>>willing to install other non-free stuff (acrobat reader and such)
>>they probably also hav eno problems with les-free goodies
>It's not OK to violate someone's copyright just because users don't
>mind things which are not free software.
>If he wants nobody except CTAN to distribute his package, let it be so.
sure, but i'm not talking about voilating here

the tex collection has a copy of (most of or maybe all of) ctan but 
repackaged in a tree; so, by submitting something to ctan, ths package 
automatically ends up in the tex collection, and if so, it should have a 
place; putting it in a 'less formal' tree would signal the intention; 
so, in-tune with the authors wish it could be removed from the format 
texmftree, and end up in an informal texmfextra tree

(i can imagine that the author would have less problems having his work 
in a tex user group distribution (tex collection only) than in any 
possible distribution, which is out of his sight)

anyhow, i'm not using the packege, so it's up to the users to convince 
authors -)


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