[tex-live] Re: XyMTeX in TeX live

Kevin B. McCarty kmccarty at Princeton.EDU
Sat Dec 3 17:10:53 CET 2005

Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
>>>>>>"Kevin" == Kevin B McCarty <kmccarty at Princeton.EDU> writes:
>   > I'm very sorry to hear that my inquiry resulted in the removal of
>   > XyMTeX from TeXLive. :-( It is a really useful tool.
>   > Let's hope that when Dr. Shinsaku considers XyMTeX more polished,
>   > he'll reconsider the license.
> Don't be so pessimistic.  Obviously he is not satisfied with the
> current version and I have the impression that he is still working on
> it and will change the license when he thinks the software is good
> enough.

I'm sorry, I didn't intend that to sound at all cynical or snarky.  I
really do hope he will reconsider the XyMTeX license eventually (I am
using XyMTeX in my thesis), and I say that without making any guess
(optimistic or pessimistic) of the probability of that occurring.

> Isn't it nice to hear that his major concern is the quality of his
> software? 

It is nice, but one can argue that the quality would improve faster if
it was easily available to a wider audience capable of providing bug
reports and code -- say, the users of Debian and TeX Live. :-)


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