[tex-live] 8 bit again

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Feb 27 00:01:07 CET 2004


It looks like 8 bit chars can only be influenced in tcx files when the char 
code is > 127, i.e. there is no way to write 'normal' codes <32 to a file. 
Whatever i try, I always get those ^^whatever escapes. For some 
applications i really use the 'verbose' tokens, and there was a time that 
it worked. If this is indeed a limitation, then it renders tex useless for 
some applications.

so, this does not work in tcs files

0x00   0x00  %
0x01   0x01  %
0x02   0x02  %
0x03   0x03  %
0x04   0x04  %
0x05   0x05  %
0x06   0x06  %
0x07   0x07  %

I still think that a -8bit flag makes sense.

btw, pdftex nicely converts the ^^M's to normal char codes when writing 
info to objects; the main problem is in the text files that tex writes.


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