[tex-live] Problems installing doublestroke ps-1 fonts and updmap

Harald von Aschen harald.von.aschen at gmx.de
Thu Feb 5 19:10:51 CET 2004

At 06:43 05.02.04 +0100, Thomas Esser wrote:

Hi Thomas!

> > The doublestroke-fonts are installed with teTex only in bitmap form? All
> > seems to be there only dstroke.map is missing?
>I guess that you are talking about TeX Live, since you have Cc'ed the
>texlive list...

Yes, thank you. (System: Windows 98, TeXLive updated to the actual version.)

> > updmap --enable Map=dstroke.map
>Looking at tpm/package/doublestroke.tpm, I see that TL contains the pdf 
>files for the
>doublestroke fonts, but not dstroke.map.
>Anyway, that file is so short that I even dare to add it to this mail:


>Save these lines to texmf/dvips/misc/dstroke.map, then run
>   texhash
>   updmap --enable MixedMap dstroke.map
>and you'are done.

O.k. and that is my problem:

(a) I have downloaded from Ctan the dstroke.map. Nevertheless thank you 
very much for including these lines!!!

(b) BUT: This does not work! I can enable and disable other maps but not 
this dstroke.map. First I have saved it to 
texmf/dvips/doublestroke/dstroke.map, then to 
texmf/dvips/misc/doublestroke/dstroke.map and then to 
texmf/dvips/misc/dstroke.map and up to check everything to 
texmf/fontname/dstroke.map. But updmap --enable MixedMap (or my wrong used 
Map here, but I have tried MixedMap also) dstroke.map does not work here. 
Nothing happens (after a rebuild of the ls-R-filename database):

C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\susaneu>updmap --enable MixedMap dstroke.map
Kpathsea released!
using config file f:/Programme/TeXLive/texmf-var/web2c/updmap.cfg
f:/Programme/TeXLive/texmf-var/web2c/updmap.cfg unchanged. Map files not 

Because other font maps were easily disabled by updmap and then I can 
enable then I do not know what is going wrong here.

Other point: My first suggestion was I put it wrong in the file structure 
due to the "new" TDS conventions. I'm reading here the arising problems, 
e.g. thread "[tex-live] map, enc and bugs.html" and I have had masssive 
problems to put my personal files in a right way to being accessed by 
TeXLive. This is a big problem for me because I'm normally using "Textures" 
from BlueSky-Research on my old Mac but I'm trying to port many of my 
documents to Windows and TexLive and there it takes me very long to get 
them run because the TDS conventions and the search paths are making the 
most trouble for me.

I'm a little bit suprised what I'm doing wrong here and my only idea is to 
add them totally by hand to the .cfg and .ps configuration files?

Regards, Harald 

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