[tex-live] Problems installing doublestroke ps-1 fonts and updmap

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Thu Feb 5 06:43:48 CET 2004

> The doublestroke-fonts are installed with teTex only in bitmap form? All 
> seems to be there only dstroke.map is missing?

I guess that you are talking about TeX Live, since you have Cc'ed the
texlive list...

> updmap --enable Map=dstroke.map

Looking at tpm/package/doublestroke.tpm, I see that TL contains the pdf files for the
doublestroke fonts, but not dstroke.map.

Anyway, that file is so short that I even dare to add it to this mail:

dsrom12 dsrom12 <dsrom12.pfb
dsrom10 dsrom10 <dsrom10.pfb
dsrom8 dsrom8 <dsrom8.pfb
dsss12 dsss12 <dsss12.pfb
dsss10 dsss10 <dsss10.pfb
dsss8 dsss8 <dsss8.pfb

Save these lines to texmf/dvips/misc/dstroke.map, then run
  updmap --enable MixedMap dstroke.map
and you'are done.


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