[tex-live] A bug in TeXLive 2004 in working with ncctools package

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Mon Dec 6 16:58:35 CET 2004

Greetings Victor,

"v" == victorgfu  writes:

 v> Dear developers, I can't use all the features of the manyfoot
 v> package, because when I set "para" constant, ii doesn't make the
 v> the footnotes running as one paragraph, like it was when you tried
 v> to compile the sources. So, by now I have to disable that function
 v> and am wasting a lot of paper space, because each footnote begins
 v> from new line.

 v> As I understand this is a BUG, because the TeXLive 2003 doesn't
 v> have this error. I tried to replace the footmisc and the ncctools
 v> packages with the old ones, but the result was the same
 v> frustration.  Thus, I conclude, that the LaTeX kernel has a bug.

Thanks for sending the test files, which I have received.

However, I see that it is not a minimal test file. In particular, it
contains the makepdf script which does some things, and even the xii

Is it possible for you to prepare the SIMPLE latex test file, which
shows the buggy behavior when it is processed by pdflatex?

I.e., please prepare the latex source file, e.g. test.tex, which
should be processed. Please avoid usage of any scripts like makepdf or
executables like "xii". If you need any additional latex packages
(*.sty files), it's OK to include them, but having to depend on some
scripts or executables makes analysing the problem harder.


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