[tex-live] A bug in TeXLive 2004 in working with ncctools package

victorgfu at yahoo.com victorgfu at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 08:41:36 CET 2004

> Greetings Victor,

> What would help debug this problem is if you could produce a small 
> (minimalistic to remove the possibility that some other package is 
> affecting this) standalone sample which shows the problem and uploaded
> somewhere. If you want you can place it in your home directory on ginsburg
> server and I'll upload it to bibles.org.uk for you.
Unfortunately, it didn't succeed, though I disabled almost all
packages I use. You may take the sources at my home directory and
compile some, and see home enabling option "para" afflicts the layout
in TeXLive2004. Again I sould remind you, that in TeXLive2003 such a
problem was absent, but the kernel speed is 30-40 times slower in my
compilations, so the only way for me is to use the TeXLive2004 as it
is, or wait for official release, but I doubt that this error would be
fixed in this release.

> Kind regards
> Tigran

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