[tex-live] where are we going?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jun 6 11:13:30 CEST 2003

    I need to ask what we think we are doing about a release of TeX Live.
    In particular:

     a) can anyone update the documentation?

Just today, I received a few updates for the Windows part of the install
from our one volunteer.  I haven't looked at them yet.

I still intend to review it all myself, although of course if anyone
else has time and inclination, that would be great.

I wonder, can we just build the cd images nightly?  (Obviously not
saving them!)  That way, it'll be easy for me and anyone else to look at
and test the current thing "as if" we were releasing at any given time.

     b) shall we use the current set of binaries, or compile a new set from

For one thing, I think we pretty much have to wait for the new version
of LaTeX.  Frank said it will have a new license, and many fixes and
enhancements.  I don't have an ETA.

Also, Olaf and Thomas, is there any hope of making new releases with
Knuth's latest versions?  I think that would be a good thing
`philosophically'.  (Except for \loggingall in plain.tex, I don't recall
any real practical difference.)

Since it's still fairly early in June, and Volker's schedule was to do
the press run in late July, we're not *impossibly* late yet :). 
Staszek or anyone, is GUST going to do a separate run earlier, as has
been done before?


P.S. Peter Gordon at Addison-Wesley said he intends to include the
"installable" cd in the upcoming editions of the LaTeX companion and
Kopka & Daly's LaTeX book.

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