[tex-live] where are we going?

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Fri Jun 6 15:24:39 CEST 2003

> I wonder, can we just build the cd images nightly?  (Obviously not
> saving them!)  That way, it'll be easy for me and anyone else to look at
> and test the current thing "as if" we were releasing at any given time.

Yes, I think so, if we install some extra software on the TUG box. Can
you get a current libxslt on there?

>      b) shall we use the current set of binaries, or compile a new set from
>     source.development?
> For one thing, I think we pretty much have to wait for the new version
> of LaTeX.  Frank said it will have a new license, and many fixes and
> enhancements.  I don't have an ETA.

that's your call, I guess. I would NOT trust Frank to deliver it before
the autumn - he does not believe in urgency :-}

> Also, Olaf and Thomas, is there any hope of making new releases with
> Knuth's latest versions?  I think that would be a good thing
> `philosophically'.  (Except for \loggingall in plain.tex, I don't recall
> any real practical difference.)

that would be nice, but I would not make it a show-stopper.

> P.S. Peter Gordon at Addison-Wesley said he intends to include the
> "installable" cd in the upcoming editions of the LaTeX companion and
> Kopka & Daly's LaTeX book.

and thats probably our real deadline, as we want that to go ahead.
Kopka and Daly is scheduled for the summer, I believe


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