[tex-live] information

Lucio Arteaga mi1492@cox.net
Mon, 28 Oct 2002 12:56:29 -0700

Could you tell me where I can get information about installing and after =
using TEX. I got the subscription Tex Live 7 CDs  1 and 2. I really do =
not know what one of the 2 CDs should I use to install TEX. I have lots =
of problems to load disk one. It looks that I have to use a dos =
operation system. I do not know what packages to use nor what the word =
package means. I try to install the small installation and does not =
I am assuming that I must use an editor to write the code but after that =
I do not know how to proceed.
Where besides the Book by Donald Knuth I find  how to code the typeset =
codes for a Math manuscript. Any help in this subject will be =

Lucio Arteaga=20
Emeritus Professor of Mathematics=20
Wichita State University

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