[tex-live] Current source.development does not compile on Mac OS X

Vladimir Volovich vvv@vsu.ru
19 Nov 2002 02:05:10 +0300

"FP" == Fabrice Popineau writes:

 >> Fabrice, you seem to have changed the line endings in a lot of
 >> files in mminstance package to DOSish line endings (CR LF).

 >> I think it's not good. Please correct that.

 FP> No it is not good, but I wonder how can I do that using Perforce
 FP> ?  The trick is that I use patch.exe to apply patches, and
 FP> patch.exe will produce text files. On the other hand, if I turn
 FP> on the crlf option of perforce as I did in the past, it will
 FP> translate files that shouldn't be touch (the ones in /Master).
 FP> So I don't know how to do it... Moreover editing source files
 FP> with XEmacs makes this line ending problem transparent, so
 FP> difficult to notice. Any idea ?

you can keep all your sources with UNIX line endings, then Emacs will
not change the line endings. Also, patch.exe for win32 seems to have a
command line option to use "binary mode". That way, even if you use
the "preserve line endings" option in perforce, all your source files
will be commited with UNIX line endings.

Or, if your patch.exe doesn't support "binary mode", you can
post-process your files with perl -p -i.bak -e 's,\r\n,\n,' files
before submitting them to perforce...