[tex-live] One question from Korean TeX Users Group

Cho, Jin-Hwan chofchof@ktug.or.kr
Mon, 04 Nov 2002 12:30:27 +0900

Dear the TeX Live team,

At first I really appreciate your great work, TeXLive.

I'm Jin-Hwan Cho, a member of TUG and a member of KTUG(Korean TeX
Users Group; http://www.ktug.or.kr) too.

In these days there was a discussion in KTUG to make KTUGLive, like
like TeXLive, containing some additional packages for Korean TeX Users.

The best way for this work might be to modify the current TeXLive7.
To do so we need to modify the installer program, TeXSetup.exe.
Could you tell me what the license of TeXSetup is? And, is there no
license problem to modify TeXLive7 and to change the name to KTUGLive,
for example?

Furthermore, it would be nice if you give some comment on making TPM
files easily.

Best, ChoF.
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