[tex-live] RE: TUG 2001 Membership

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Wed, 23 May 2001 12:51:41 +0100

TUG Office writes:
 > >Can I skip from PCTeX4 to 6 (which I
 > >will get with membership) with no problem?  Is the 2001 archive pretty
 > >inclusive?
 > Oh yes, I believe so, though I'm not the one to ask.  Our tex-live@tug.org 
 > team answers all of the technical-related questions:)

PCTeX is a commercial product. do you mean TeXLive4?

assuming "yes", moving  from TL4 to TL6 is best done by a complete
reinstall. I trust that you have stored local macros, fonts etc
somewhere very clear and distinct?

 > >Finally, our compositor who is in New Delhi, and has great programmers in
 > >TeX, LaTeX has developed some good revision macros for us--we edit
 > >manuscripts for book publication, and are increasingly able to do editing
 > >straight in LaTeX and show those edits (as one can do in MSWord).  I'm not
 > >sure these could be share- or freeware, but wondered if you are interested.
 > >I could certainly inquire.  Currently this program is being used and
 > >upgraded as we work with it.

We will include software on TeXLive if it is

 - free (meets the Debian free software guidelines)
 - not platform dependent
 - relevant to TeX people
 - not too huge (we have little space left)

so I suspect that yes, we would be happy to include your macros on the CD-ROM.

Sebastian Rahtz