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Tue, 22 May 2001 10:49:52 -0700

Hello Anne,

At 10:08 AM 5/22/01 -0700, you wrote:

>Thanks.  Is there a reason I would need the year 2000 TeX Live 5 CD,
>CTAN CD's, and TUGboat publications?

We make last year's materials available to new members who want to receive 
materials immediately.  TeX Live 6 is in the debugging stage of development 
- scheduling shipping is still somewhat vague at this time...perhaps 

>Can I skip from PCTeX4 to 6 (which I
>will get with membership) with no problem?  Is the 2001 archive pretty

Oh yes, I believe so, though I'm not the one to ask.  Our tex-live@tug.org 
team answers all of the technical-related questions:)

>Also, we have 3--5 of our 40 person organization using TeX/LaTeX
>here.  Should we have a group membership (do you have such a thing)?

Yes, we do!  We have an Institutional Membership available which includes 
up to seven members.  The benefits are much the same as the individual 
membership in terms of materials and discounts at the annual conference, 
however we also provide a free listing in TUGboat during the institutions 
membership year.  We encourage Institutional Memberships as they really do 
provide TUG with an important show of support for the software et. 
al..  The cost is $500.

>Finally, our compositor who is in New Delhi, and has great programmers in
>TeX, LaTeX has developed some good revision macros for us--we edit
>manuscripts for book publication, and are increasingly able to do editing
>straight in LaTeX and show those edits (as one can do in MSWord).  I'm not
>sure these could be share- or freeware, but wondered if you are interested.
>I could certainly inquire.  Currently this program is being used and
>upgraded as we work with it.

I am copying the TeX-Live team in hopes you will receive a response to the 
above questions.

Thanks very much for your inquiry Anne.
Please let me know if you have other questions or require further 


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>Thank-you for your 2001 membership in the TeX Users Group!  Your dues
>enable TUG to produce valuable publications, develop new software, plan
>training, and conduct TUG programs for members worldwide.
>Your 2001 member benefits begin with TUGboat 22.1 and the TeX Live CD.
>Please check the following link for updates on mailings:
>You are always welcome to contact the TUG office at anytime with comments
>or questions about your membership.  Our e-mail address:  office@tug.org
>is the best way to reach us.  Also, be sure to check out our Internet site
>at www.tug.org!
>We appreciate your support of TUG activities and look forward to providing
>you good value for membership in the year ahead.
>Ms. Robin Laakso
>TUG Office Manager
>P.S. Just a reminder.... If you would like to receive the TeX Live 5 CD,
>CTAN CD's, and TUGboat publications right away, 2000 materials are
>available to purchase for $75.
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