licensing of `commercial' release of TeX Live CD

Rebecca and Rowland
Wed, 9 Jun 1999 02:30:38 +0100

> TUG has received a request from O'Reilly France to include the TeX
> Live CD in the back of a new French book on LaTeX. Most people who
> saw the request seemed to think that this was desirable and
> useful. However, since O'Reilly are certainly a commercial company, I
> do not want to offend those people whose license conditions forbid
> redistribution for any profit.
> If there is any TeX-related package author reading this who has *not*
> checked their entry in Graham Williams `Catalogue'
> (, please
> can they do so?
> If the O'Reilly plan goes ahead, I will make them a special release of
> TeX Live 4, omitting those packages which do not permit commercial
> distribution. But all I can base that on is the Catalogue. So, if you
> have strong feelings, get your entry up to date!
> Anyone who wants to discuss this in more detail is welcome to email
> I would stress that O'Reilly are not, of course, _really_ selling the
> CD, its a nice bonus for the book. But I know some people feel that
> even this is unacceptable

Umm...  My packages mostly have messy conditions attached to them at the
moment.  I'll be moving to lppl for all of them when I can get round to it
- this is a non-trivial job for various reasons.  In the meantime, I think
I might as well allow them all to be included with this book.

The official word is that I give permission for O'Reilly to distribute my
packages on CTAN on a CD-ROM included with the book mentioned.  These
packages are: