Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 12:49:56 +0100

I just posted this on c.t.t. Maybe it will get some responses

TUG has received a request from O'Reilly France to include the TeX
Live CD in the back of a new French book on LaTeX. Most people who
saw the request seemed to think that this was desirable and
useful. However, since O'Reilly are certainly a commercial company, I
do not want to offend those people whose license conditions forbid
redistribution for any profit.

If there is any TeX-related package author reading this who has *not*
checked their entry in Graham Williams `Catalogue'
(http://www.cmis.csiro.au/Graham.Williams/TeX/catalogue.html), please
can they do so?

If the O'Reilly plan goes ahead, I will make them a special release of 
TeX Live 4, omitting those packages which do not permit commercial
distribution. But all I can base that on is the Catalogue. So, if you
have strong feelings, get your entry up to date!

Anyone who wants to discuss this in more detail is welcome to email

I would stress that O'Reilly are not, of course, _really_ selling the
CD, its a nice bonus for the book. But I know some people feel that
even this is unacceptable

Sebastian Rahtz