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Modified: trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb
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@@ -26,11 +26,11 @@
 depend frozen/0
 depend minrelease/2016
 depend release/2021
-depend revision/61702
+depend revision/61718
 name 00texlive.image
 category TLCore
-revision 61688
+revision 61719
 shortdesc TeX Live files only in the source repository
 longdesc The files here are not copied by the installer and containers
 longdesc are not built for them; they exist only in the source
@@ -4519,7 +4519,7 @@
 name 00texlive.installer
 category TLCore
-revision 61690
+revision 61704
 shortdesc TeX Live standalone installer package
 longdesc This package defines the files to go into the installer
 longdesc archives (install-tl-unx.tar.gz, install-tl.zip) built by the
@@ -7571,7 +7571,7 @@
 name aalok
 category Package
-revision 61474
+revision 61719
 shortdesc LaTeX class file for the Marathi journal 'Aalok'
 longdesc aalok mraatthii niytkaalikaacii akssrjulnnii krnnyaakritaa
 longdesc laattek-vrg. This package provides the class file for
@@ -8595,7 +8595,7 @@
 name acroterm
 category Package
-revision 20498
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Manage and index acronyms and terms
 longdesc Yet another package for acronyms: the package offers simple
 longdesc markup of acronyms and technical terms in the text, giving an
@@ -18870,7 +18870,7 @@
 name apalike-german
 category Package
-revision 54080
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A copy of apalike.bst with German localization
 longdesc A copy of apalike.bst (which is part of the base BibTeX
 longdesc distribution) with German localization.
@@ -22718,7 +22718,7 @@
 name arraycols
 category Package
-revision 56997
+revision 61719
 shortdesc New column types for array and tabular environments
 longdesc This small package provides new column types for array and
 longdesc tabular environments, horizontally and vertically centered, or
@@ -23382,7 +23382,7 @@
 name association-matrix
 category Package
-revision 56759
+revision 61719
 shortdesc LaTeX support for creating association matrices
 longdesc This package allows the creation of association matrices in an
 longdesc clear and concise fashion, without having to deal with manually
@@ -23462,7 +23462,7 @@
 name asymptote
 category TLCore
-revision 58569
+revision 61719
 shortdesc 2D and 3D TeX-Aware Vector Graphics Language
 longdesc Asymptote is a powerful descriptive vector graphics language
 longdesc for technical drawing, inspired by MetaPost but with an
@@ -24801,7 +24801,7 @@
 name augie
 category Package
-revision 18948
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Calligraphic font for typesetting handwriting
 longdesc A calligraphic font for simulating American-style informal
 longdesc handwriting. The font is distributed in Adobe Type 1 format.
@@ -25649,7 +25649,7 @@
 name avantgar
 category Package
-revision 31835
+revision 61719
 catalogue urw-base35
 shortdesc URW 'Base 35' font pack for LaTeX
 longdesc A set of fonts for use as "drop-in" replacements for Adobe's
@@ -35350,7 +35350,7 @@
 name biblatex-lni
 category Package
-revision 49935
+revision 61719
 shortdesc LNI style for BibLaTeX
 longdesc BibLaTeX style for the Lecture Notes in Informatics, which is
 longdesc published by the Gesellschaft fur Informatik (GI e.V.).
@@ -36087,7 +36087,7 @@
 name biblatex-swiss-legal
 category Package
-revision 58661
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Bibliography and citation styles following Swiss legal practice
 longdesc The package provides BibLaTeX bibliography and citation styles
 longdesc for documents written in accordance with Swiss legal citation
@@ -36447,7 +36447,7 @@
 name bibtex
 category Package
-revision 57972
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Process bibliographies for LaTeX, etc
 longdesc BibTeX allows the user to store his citation data in generic
 longdesc form, while printing citations in a document in the form
@@ -37564,7 +37564,7 @@
 name biolett-bst
 category Package
-revision 42217
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A BibTeX style for the journal "Biology Letters"
 longdesc This package provides a BibTeX style (.bst) file for the
 longdesc journal "Biology Letters" published by the Royal Society. This
@@ -37611,7 +37611,7 @@
 name bithesis
 category Package
-revision 60452
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Templates for the Beijing Institute of Technology
 longdesc This package establishes a simple and easy-to-use LaTeX
 longdesc template for Beijing Institute of Technology dissertations,
@@ -38132,7 +38132,7 @@
 name bodegraph
 category Package
-revision 20047
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Draw Bode, Nyquist and Black plots with gnuplot and TikZ
 longdesc The package provides facilities to draw Bode, Nyquist and Black
 longdesc plots using Gnuplot and Tikz. Elementary Transfer Functions and
@@ -39123,7 +39123,7 @@
 name bookman
 category Package
-revision 31835
+revision 61719
 catalogue urw-base35
 shortdesc URW 'Base 35' font pack for LaTeX
 longdesc A set of fonts for use as "drop-in" replacements for Adobe's
@@ -40380,7 +40380,7 @@
 name businesscard-qrcode
 category Package
-revision 54080
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Business cards with QR-Code
 longdesc What happens when you give your visiting card to someone?
 longdesc Either they manually type the text into their computer or
@@ -47196,7 +47196,7 @@
 name cdpbundl
 category Package
-revision 46613
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Business letters in the Italian style
 longdesc The C.D.P. Bundle can be used to typeset high-quality business
 longdesc letters formatted according to Italian style conventions. It is
@@ -47409,7 +47409,7 @@
 name cfr-initials
 category Package
-revision 36728
+revision 61719
 shortdesc LaTeX packages for use of initials
 longdesc This is a set of 23 tiny packages designed to make it easier to
 longdesc use fonts from the initials package in LaTeX, e.g. with the
@@ -49458,7 +49458,7 @@
 name chemformula
 category Package
-revision 57206
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Command for typesetting chemical formulas and reactions
 longdesc The package provides a command to typeset chemical formulas and
 longdesc reactions in support of other chemistry packages (such as
@@ -49465,12 +49465,13 @@
 longdesc chemmacros). The package used to be distributed as a part of
 longdesc chemmacros.
 depend units
-docfiles size=239
+docfiles size=231
+ texmf-dist/doc/latex/chemformula/HISTORY
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/chemformula/README details="Readme"
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/chemformula/chemformula-manual.pdf details="Package documentation"
-runfiles size=32
+runfiles size=30
 catalogue-contact-bugs https://github.com/cgnieder/chemformula/issues
 catalogue-contact-repository https://github.com/cgnieder/chemformula/
@@ -49477,7 +49478,7 @@
 catalogue-ctan /macros/latex/contrib/chemformula
 catalogue-license lppl1.3c
 catalogue-topics chemistry expl3
-catalogue-version 4.16
+catalogue-version 4.17
 name chemgreek
 category Package
@@ -49911,7 +49912,7 @@
 name chhaya
 category Package
-revision 61475
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Linguistic glossing in Marathi language
 longdesc muNbii vidyaapiitthaacyaa chaayaalekhn niymaavliis anusruun
 longdesc bhaassaavaijnyaanik chaayaaNgaaNce sNkssep purvnnaaraa
@@ -54524,7 +54525,7 @@
 name cleveref
 category Package
-revision 47525
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Intelligent cross-referencing
 longdesc The package enhances LaTeX's cross-referencing features,
 longdesc allowing the format of references to be determined
@@ -74800,7 +74801,7 @@
 name courier
 category Package
-revision 35058
+revision 61719
 catalogue urw-base35
 shortdesc URW 'Base 35' font pack for LaTeX
 longdesc A set of fonts for use as "drop-in" replacements for Adobe's
@@ -75090,7 +75091,7 @@
 name coverpage
 category Package
-revision 15878
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Automatic cover page creation for scientific papers
 longdesc The package CoverPage was created to supplement scientific
 longdesc papers with a cover page containing bibliographical
@@ -77801,7 +77802,7 @@
 name cstex
 category Package
-revision 58354
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Support for Czech/Slovak languages
 longdesc This package mirrors the macros part of the home site's
 longdesc distribution of CSTeX. The licence (modified GPL) applies to
@@ -80456,7 +80457,7 @@
 name datestamp
 category Package
-revision 61304
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Fixed date-stamps with LuaLaTeX
 longdesc Add fixed date-stamps with simple and customizable aux files
 longdesc and LuaLaTeX. As long as the aux file is not deleted/modified
@@ -81785,7 +81786,7 @@
 name de-macro
 category Package
-revision 57349
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Expand private macros in a document
 longdesc De-macro is a Python script that helps authors who like to use
 longdesc private LaTeX macros (for example, as abbreviations). A
@@ -89401,7 +89402,7 @@
 name dvicopy
 category TLCore
-revision 57972
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Copy DVI files, flattening VFs
 longdesc DVICOPY is a utility program that allows one to take a DVI file
 longdesc that references composite fonts (VF) and convert it into a DVI
@@ -90961,7 +90962,7 @@
 name dvips
 category TLCore
-revision 57972
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A DVI to PostScript driver
 longdesc This package has been withdrawn from CTAN, and bundled into the
 longdesc distributions' package sets. Development now takes place within
@@ -91245,7 +91246,7 @@
 name dvisvgm
 category TLCore
-revision 57972
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Convert DVI, EPS, and PDF files to Scalable Vector Graphics format (SVG)
 longdesc Dvisvgm is a command line utility that converts TeX DVI as well
 longdesc as EPS and PDF files to the XML-based Scalable Vector Graphics
@@ -91718,11 +91719,11 @@
 name easybook
 category Package
-revision 61671
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Typeset Chinese theses or books
 longdesc Easybook is a minimalist style template based on the ctexbook
 longdesc book document class.
-docfiles size=168
+docfiles size=169
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/easybook/README.md details="Readme"
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/easybook/easybook.pdf details="Package documentation" language="zh"
@@ -91738,7 +91739,7 @@
 catalogue-ctan /macros/latex/contrib/easybook
 catalogue-license lppl1.3c
 catalogue-topics book-pub class chinese expl3
-catalogue-version 1.48
+catalogue-version 1.50
 name easyfig
 category Package
@@ -95776,7 +95777,7 @@
 name edmac
 category Package
-revision 15878
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Typeset critical editions
 longdesc This is the type example package for typesetting scholarly
 longdesc critical editions.
@@ -98070,7 +98071,7 @@
 name epigraph-keys
 category Package
-revision 54851
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Epigraphs using key values
 longdesc This package lays out epigraphs: quotations across a page,
 longdesc usually to open or close a chapter. It is intended as a simple
@@ -98113,7 +98114,7 @@
 name eplain
 category Package
-revision 57186
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Extended plain TeX macros
 longdesc An extended version of the plain TeX format, adding support for
 longdesc bibliographies, tables of contents, enumerated lists, verbatim
@@ -98659,7 +98660,7 @@
 name epstopdf
 category Package
-revision 48684
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Convert EPS to PDF using Ghostscript
 longdesc Epstopdf is a Perl script that converts an EPS file to an
 longdesc 'encapsulated' PDF file (a single page file whose media box is
@@ -102921,7 +102922,7 @@
 name exam-randomizechoices
 category Package
-revision 60125
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Randomize mc choices using the exam class
 longdesc This package is an extension to the exam document class. It
 longdesc provides the user with four new multiple choice typesetting
@@ -105957,7 +105958,7 @@
 name fdsymbol
 category Package
-revision 26722
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A maths symbol font
 longdesc FdSymbol is a maths symbol font, designed as a companion to the
 longdesc Fedra family by Typotheque, but it might also fit other
@@ -107504,7 +107505,7 @@
 name ffcode
 category Package
-revision 61550
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Fixed-font code blocks formatted nicely
 longdesc This LaTeX package helps you write source code in your academic
 longdesc papers and make sure it looks neat. It uses minted and
@@ -107526,7 +107527,7 @@
 catalogue-ctan /macros/latex/contrib/ffcode
 catalogue-license mit
 catalogue-topics listing verbatim line-nos
-catalogue-version 0.4.0
+catalogue-version 0.4.1
 name ffslides
 category Package
@@ -112403,7 +112404,7 @@
 name fontinst
 category Package
-revision 53562
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Help with installing fonts for TeX and LaTeX
 longdesc TeX macros for converting Adobe Font Metric files to TeX metric
 longdesc and virtual font format. Fontinst helps mainly with the number
@@ -113782,7 +113783,7 @@
 name fontware
 category TLCore
-revision 57972
+revision 61719
 catalogue vfware
 shortdesc Tools for virtual font metrics
 longdesc Virtual font metrics are usually created in a textual form, the
@@ -116965,7 +116966,7 @@
 name gckanbun
 category Package
-revision 58754
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Kanbun typesetting for (u)pLaTeX and LuaLaTeX
 longdesc This package provides a Kanbun (Han Wen , "Chinese writing")
 longdesc typesetting for (u)pLaTeX and LuaLaTeX.
@@ -117120,7 +117121,7 @@
 name gentium-tug
 category Package
-revision 54512
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Gentium fonts (in two formats) and support files
 longdesc Gentium is a typeface family designed to enable the diverse
 longdesc ethnic groups around the world who use the Latin, Cyrillic and
@@ -117388,7 +117389,7 @@
 name geometry
 category Package
-revision 54080
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Flexible and complete interface to document dimensions
 longdesc The package provides an easy and flexible user interface to
 longdesc customize page layout, implementing auto-centering and
@@ -122408,7 +122409,7 @@
 name grid
 category Package
-revision 15878
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Grid typesetting in LaTeX
 longdesc The package helps to enables grid typesetting in double column
 longdesc documents. Grid typesetting (vertical aligning of lines of text
@@ -123652,7 +123653,7 @@
 name hamnosys
 category Package
-revision 61646
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A font for sign languages
 longdesc The Hamburg Notation System, HamNoSys for short, is a system
 longdesc for the phonetic transcription of signed languages. This
@@ -124335,7 +124336,7 @@
 name helvetic
 category Package
-revision 31835
+revision 61719
 catalogue urw-base35
 shortdesc URW 'Base 35' font pack for LaTeX
 longdesc A set of fonts for use as "drop-in" replacements for Adobe's
@@ -126739,7 +126740,7 @@
 name hologo
 category Package
-revision 61078
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A collection of logos with bookmark support
 longdesc The package defines a single command \hologo, whose argument is
 longdesc the usual case-confused ASCII version of the logo. The command
@@ -127746,7 +127747,7 @@
 name hyph-utf8
 category Package
-revision 58619
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Hyphenation patterns expressed in UTF-8
 longdesc Modern native UTF-8 engines such as XeTeX and LuaTeX need
 longdesc hyphenation patterns in UTF-8 format, whereas older systems
@@ -129593,7 +129594,7 @@
 name identkey
 category Package
-revision 49018
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Typesetting bracketed dichotomous identification keys
 longdesc The package is for typesetting bracketed dichotomous
 longdesc identification keys.
@@ -131193,7 +131194,7 @@
 name inline-images
 category Package
-revision 54080
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Inline images in base64 encoding
 longdesc The package provides a command \inlineimg to dynamically create
 longdesc a file containing the inline image in base64 format, which is
@@ -134175,7 +134176,7 @@
 name ipaex
 category Package
-revision 52032
+revision 61719
 shortdesc IPA (Japanese) fonts
 longdesc The fonts provide fixed-width glyphs for Kana and Kanji
 longdesc characters, proportional width glyphs for Western characters.
@@ -143059,7 +143060,7 @@
 name junicode
 category Package
-revision 53954
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A TrueType font for mediaevalists
 longdesc Junicode is a TrueType font with many OpenType features for
 longdesc antiquarians (especially medievalists) based on typefaces used
@@ -145927,7 +145928,7 @@
 name knuth-pdf
 category Package
-revision 58470
+revision 61719
 shortdesc PDF collection of typeset C/WEB sources in TeX Live
 longdesc Here you find a large collection of PDF documents for many
 longdesc C/WEB programs in TeX Live, both in their original form as
@@ -146845,7 +146846,7 @@
 name kpathsea
 category TLCore
-revision 59203
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Path searching library for TeX-related files
 longdesc Kpathsea is a library and utility programs which provide path
 longdesc searching facilities for TeX file types, including the
@@ -152589,7 +152590,7 @@
 name latex-firstaid-dev
 category Package
-revision 61076
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Development pre-release of the LaTeX firstaid package
 longdesc This is a pre-release version of the standard LaTeX firstaid
 longdesc package. It accompanies the pre-testing kernel code
@@ -154116,7 +154117,7 @@
 name latex2e-help-texinfo-spanish
 category Package
-revision 57213
+revision 61719
 catalogue latex2e-help-texinfo
 shortdesc Unofficial reference manual covering LaTeX2e
 longdesc The manual is provided as Texinfo source (which was originally
@@ -162229,7 +162230,7 @@
 name libertinus
 category Package
-revision 55064
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Wrapper to use the correct libertinus package according to the used TeX engine
 longdesc This package is only a wrapper for the two packages
 longdesc libertinus-type1 (pdfLaTeX) and libertinus-otf
@@ -165505,7 +165506,7 @@
 name lie-hasse
 category Package
-revision 53653
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Draw Hasse diagrams
 longdesc This package draws Hasse diagrams of the partially ordered sets
 longdesc of the simple roots of any complex simple Lie algebra. It uses
@@ -166143,7 +166144,7 @@
 name lineno
 category Package
-revision 57866
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Line numbers on paragraphs
 longdesc Adds line numbers to selected paragraphs with reference
 longdesc possible through the LaTeX \ref and \pageref cross reference
@@ -167286,7 +167287,7 @@
 name lm
 category Package
-revision 58637
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Latin modern fonts in outline formats
 longdesc The Latin Modern family of fonts consists of 72 text fonts and
 longdesc 20 mathematics fonts, and is based on the Computer Modern fonts
@@ -175223,7 +175224,7 @@
 name marathi
 category Package
-revision 61469
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Typeset Marathi language using XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX
 longdesc luaa-laattek v jhii-laattek hyaaNcyaash mraatthiicaa sulbh
 longdesc vaapr krnnyaasaatthii. laattek-vriil mraatthiicyaa
@@ -177449,7 +177450,7 @@
 name mathfont
 category Package
-revision 61440
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Use TrueType and OpenType fonts in math mode
 longdesc The mathfont package adapts unicode text fonts for math mode.
 longdesc The package allows the user to specify a default unicode font
@@ -180300,7 +180301,7 @@
 name metafont
 category Package
-revision 57972
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A system for specifying fonts
 longdesc The program takes a programmatic specification of a font, and
 longdesc produces a bitmap font (whose properties are defined by a set
@@ -180681,7 +180682,7 @@
 name metapost
 category Package
-revision 57972
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A development of Metafont for creating graphics
 longdesc MetaPost uses a language based on that of Metafont to produce
 longdesc precise technical illustrations. Its output is scalable
@@ -182070,7 +182071,7 @@
 name mfware
 category TLCore
-revision 57972
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Supporting tools for use with Metafont
 longdesc A collection of programs (as web source) for processing the
 longdesc output of Metafont.
@@ -183071,7 +183072,7 @@
 name minitoc
 category Package
-revision 48196
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Produce a table of contents for each chapter, part or section
 longdesc The minitoc package allows you to add mini-tables-of-contents
 longdesc (minitocs) at the beginning of every chapter, part or section.
@@ -184098,7 +184099,7 @@
 name missaali
 category Package
-revision 58771
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A late medieval OpenType textura font
 longdesc This package contains the free OpenType Textura font Missaali
 longdesc and a style file for using it with XeLaTeX. Textura is a
@@ -186206,7 +186207,7 @@
 name modes
 category Package
-revision 56303
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A collection of Metafont mode_def's
 longdesc The modes file collects all known Metafont modes for printing
 longdesc or display devices, of whatever printing technology. Special
@@ -192134,7 +192135,7 @@
 name muling
 category Package
-revision 61473
+revision 61719
 shortdesc MA Thesis class for the Department of Linguistics, University of Mumbai
 longdesc This is a class file for writing MA thesis as required by the
 longdesc Department of Linguistics at the University of Mumbai.
@@ -196265,7 +196266,7 @@
 name ncntrsbk
 category Package
-revision 31835
+revision 61719
 catalogue urw-base35
 shortdesc URW 'Base 35' font pack for LaTeX
 longdesc A set of fonts for use as "drop-in" replacements for Adobe's
@@ -198901,7 +198902,7 @@
 name nicematrix
 category Package
-revision 61142
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Improve the typesetting of mathematical matrices with PGF
 longdesc This package is based on the package array. It creates PGF/TikZ
 longdesc nodes under the cells of the array and uses these nodes to
@@ -198912,20 +198913,20 @@
 longdesc color rows and columns with a good PDF result; blocks of cells;
 longdesc etc. The package requires and loads l3keys2e, xparse, array,
 longdesc amsmath, pgfcore, and the module shapes of PGF.
-docfiles size=518
+docfiles size=533
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/nicematrix/README.md details="Readme"
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/nicematrix/nicematrix-french.pdf details="Package documentation in French" language="fr"
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/nicematrix/nicematrix.pdf details="Package documentation"
-srcfiles size=167
+srcfiles size=172
-runfiles size=72
+runfiles size=75
 catalogue-ctan /macros/latex/contrib/nicematrix
 catalogue-license lppl1.3
 catalogue-topics maths matrix pgf-tikz expl3
-catalogue-version 6.4
+catalogue-version 6.5
 name nicetext
 category Package
@@ -207457,7 +207458,7 @@
 name objectz
 category Package
-revision 19389
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Macros for typesetting Object Z
 longdesc The package will typeset both Z and Object-Z specifications; it
 longdesc develops the original zed package
@@ -211632,7 +211633,7 @@
 name oup-authoring-template
 category Package
-revision 58661
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A general template for journals published by Oxford University Press (OUP)
 longdesc This package provides a general LaTeX template for journals
 longdesc published by Oxford University Press (OUP). The template
@@ -212294,7 +212295,7 @@
 name palatino
 category Package
-revision 31835
+revision 61719
 catalogue urw-base35
 shortdesc URW 'Base 35' font pack for LaTeX
 longdesc A set of fonts for use as "drop-in" replacements for Adobe's
@@ -214898,7 +214899,7 @@
 name pdfextra
 category Package
-revision 60553
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Extra PDF features for (Op)TeX
 longdesc This package provides extra PDF features for OpTeX (or in
 longdesc limited form for plain LuaTeX and LuaLaTeX). As a minimalistic
@@ -215217,7 +215218,7 @@
 name pdfmanagement-testphase
 category Package
-revision 61599
+revision 61719
 shortdesc LaTeX PDF management testphase bundle
 longdesc This is a temporary package, which is used during a test phase
 longdesc to load the new PDF management code of LaTeX. The new PDF
@@ -219083,7 +219084,7 @@
 name pgfplots
 category Package
-revision 59243
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Create normal/logarithmic plots in two and three dimensions
 longdesc PGFPlots draws high-quality function plots in normal or
 longdesc logarithmic scaling with a user-friendly interface directly in
@@ -225558,7 +225559,7 @@
 name poormanlog
 category Package
-revision 58966
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Logarithms and powers with (almost) 9 digits
 longdesc This small package (usable with Plain e-TeX, LaTeX, or others)
 longdesc with no dependencies provides two fast expandable macros
@@ -225801,7 +225802,7 @@
 name pracjourn
 category Package
-revision 15878
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Typeset articles for PracTeX
 longdesc The pracjourn class is used for typesetting articles in the
 longdesc PracTeX Journal. It is based on the article class with
@@ -226667,7 +226668,7 @@
 name proofread
 category Package
-revision 50938
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Commands for inserting annotations
 longdesc This package defines a few LaTeX commands that may be useful
 longdesc when you proofread a LaTeX document. They allow you to easily
@@ -228072,7 +228073,7 @@
 name pst-barcode
 category Package
-revision 45096
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Print barcodes using PostScript
 longdesc The pst-barcode package allows printing of barcodes, in a huge
 longdesc variety of formats, including quick-response (qr) codes (see
@@ -230413,7 +230414,7 @@
 name pst-solides3d
 category Package
-revision 49520
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Draw perspective views of 3D solids
 longdesc The package is designed to draw solids in 3d perspective.
 longdesc Features include: create primitive solids; create solids by
@@ -230614,7 +230615,7 @@
 name pst-spinner
 category Package
-revision 54080
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Drawing a fidget spinner
 longdesc This package aims to propose a model of the fidget spinner
 longdesc gadget. It exists under different forms with 2, 3 poles and
@@ -231357,7 +231358,7 @@
 name psutils
 category TLCore
-revision 52851
+revision 61719
 shortdesc PostScript utilities
 longdesc A bundle of utilities for manipulating PostScript documents,
 longdesc including page selection and rearrangement, resizing the page,
@@ -236617,7 +236618,7 @@
 name rank-2-roots
 category Package
-revision 48515
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Draw (mathematical) rank 2 root systems
 longdesc This package concerns mathematical drawings arising in
 longdesc representation theory. The purpose of this package is to ease
@@ -236801,7 +236802,7 @@
 name readablecv
 category Package
-revision 57433
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A highly readable and good looking CV and letter class
 longdesc This class provides, what I have found, to be an extremely
 longdesc attractive and highly readable CV which will lead to your CV
@@ -244301,7 +244302,7 @@
 name schooldocs
 category Package
-revision 60560
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Various layout styles for school documents
 longdesc The purpose of this package is to provide several layout styles
 longdesc for school documents. It is useful for exercise sheets, exams,
@@ -244527,7 +244528,7 @@
 name schulmathematik
 category Package
-revision 61347
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Commands and document classes for German-speaking teachers of mathematics and physics
 longdesc The schulmathematik bundle provides two LaTeX packages and six
 longdesc document classes for German-speaking teachers of mathematics
@@ -247884,7 +247885,7 @@
 name skak
 category Package
-revision 46259
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Fonts and macros for typesetting chess games
 longdesc This package provides macros and fonts in Metafont format which
 longdesc can be used to typeset chess games using PGN, and to show
@@ -248451,7 +248452,7 @@
 name smart-eqn
 category Package
-revision 60178
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Automatic math symbol styling for LaTeX documents
 longdesc In LaTeX typesetting, one usually needs to use different
 longdesc variants of a math symbol to clarify the meanings. For example,
@@ -252381,7 +252382,7 @@
 name spbmark
 category Package
-revision 61383
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Customize superscripts and subscripts
 longdesc This package provides three commands \super, \sub and \supersub
 longdesc to improve the layout of superscripts and subscripts which can
@@ -252391,13 +252392,13 @@
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/spbmark/README.md details="Readme"
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/spbmark/spbmark.pdf details="Package documentation"
-runfiles size=3
+runfiles size=4
 catalogue-contact-repository https://github.com/texl3/spbmark
 catalogue-ctan /macros/latex/contrib/spbmark
 catalogue-license cc-by-4
 catalogue-topics subsup-pos expl3
-catalogue-version 1.2H
+catalogue-version 1.3
 name spectral
 category Package
@@ -258396,7 +258397,7 @@
 name symbol
 category Package
-revision 31835
+revision 61719
 catalogue urw-base35
 shortdesc URW 'Base 35' font pack for LaTeX
 longdesc A set of fonts for use as "drop-in" replacements for Adobe's
@@ -259487,7 +259488,7 @@
 name tabu
 category Package
-revision 56615
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Flexible LaTeX tabulars
 longdesc The package provides an environment, tabu, which will make any
 longdesc sort of tabular (that doesn't need to split across pages), and
@@ -260123,7 +260124,7 @@
 name tds
 category Package
-revision 15878
+revision 61719
 shortdesc The TeX Directory Structure standard
 longdesc Defines a structure for placement of TeX-related files on an
 longdesc hierarchical file system, in a way that is well-defined, and is
@@ -260945,7 +260946,7 @@
 name tex
 category TLCore
-revision 57972
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A sophisticated typesetting engine
 longdesc TeX is a typesetting system that incorporates a macro
 longdesc processor. A TeX source document specifies or incorporates a
@@ -262981,7 +262982,7 @@
 name tex4ht
 category Package
-revision 61674
+revision 61710
 shortdesc Convert (La)TeX to HTML/XML
 longdesc A converter from TeX and LaTeX to SGML-based formats such as
 longdesc (X)HTML, MathML, OpenDocument, and Docbook, providing a
@@ -272614,7 +272615,7 @@
 name texlive-scripts
 category TLCore
-revision 61690
+revision 61704
 shortdesc TeX Live infrastructure programs
 longdesc Includes install-tl, tl-portable, rungs, etc.; not needed for
 longdesc tlmgr to run but still ours. Not included in tlcritical.
@@ -273472,7 +273473,7 @@
 name texlive.infra
 category TLCore
-revision 61654
+revision 61711
 shortdesc basic TeX Live infrastructure
 longdesc This package contains the files needed to get tlmgr running:
 longdesc perl modules, xz binaries, plus (sometimes) tar, wget, lz4, and
@@ -274502,7 +274503,7 @@
 name texplate
 category Package
-revision 60096
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A tool for creating document structures based on templates
 longdesc TeXplate is a tool for creating document structures based on
 longdesc templates. The application name is a word play on TeX and
@@ -275359,7 +275360,7 @@
 name texware
 category TLCore
-revision 57972
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Utility programs for use with TeX
 longdesc Basic utitility programs, comprising: dvitype, which converts a
 longdesc TeX output (DVI) file to a plain text file (see also the DVI
@@ -278836,7 +278837,7 @@
 name times
 category Package
-revision 35058
+revision 61719
 catalogue urw-base35
 shortdesc URW 'Base 35' font pack for LaTeX
 longdesc A set of fonts for use as "drop-in" replacements for Adobe's
@@ -279433,7 +279434,7 @@
 name tipauni
 category Package
-revision 61476
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Producing Unicode characters with TIPA commands
 longdesc Package TIPA uses the T3 encoding for producing IPA characters.
 longdesc The package is widely used in the field of linguistics, but
@@ -280071,7 +280072,7 @@
 name tkz-orm
 category Package
-revision 54512
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Create Object-Role Model (ORM) diagrams
 longdesc The package provides styles for drawing Object-Role Model (ORM)
 longdesc diagrams in TeX based on the PGF and TikZ picture environment.
@@ -293067,7 +293068,7 @@
 name unicode-math
 category Package
-revision 56594
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Unicode mathematics support for XeTeX and LuaTeX
 longdesc This package will provide a complete implementation of unicode
 longdesc maths for XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX. Unicode maths is currently
@@ -295191,7 +295192,7 @@
 name ut-thesis
 category Package
-revision 60331
+revision 61719
 shortdesc University of Toronto thesis style
 longdesc This LaTeX document class implements the formatting
 longdesc requirements of the University of Toronto School of Graduate
@@ -297080,7 +297081,7 @@
 name uwa-letterhead
 category Package
-revision 60635
+revision 61719
 shortdesc The letterhead of the University of Western Australia
 longdesc This package generates the letterhead of the University of
 longdesc Western Australia. It requires the UWA logo in PDF format,
@@ -297104,7 +297105,7 @@
 name uwa-pcf
 category Package
-revision 60641
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A Participant Consent Form (PCF) for a human research protocol at the University of Western Australia
 longdesc This LaTeX class generates a Participant Consent Form (PCF) for
 longdesc a human research protocol at the University of Western
@@ -297130,7 +297131,7 @@
 name uwa-pif
 category Package
-revision 60640
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A Participant Information Form (PIF) for a human research protocol at the University of Western Australia
 longdesc This package generates a Participant Information Form (PIF) for
 longdesc a human research protocol at the University of Western
@@ -299050,7 +299051,7 @@
 name vhistory
 category Package
-revision 60124
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Support for creating a change log
 longdesc Vhistory simplifies the creation of a history of versions of a
 longdesc document. You can easily extract information like the current
@@ -299088,7 +299089,7 @@
 name visualfaq
 category Package
-revision 60200
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A Visual LaTeX FAQ
 longdesc Having trouble finding the answer to a LaTeX question? The
 longdesc Visual LaTeX FAQ is an innovative new search interface that
@@ -303321,7 +303322,7 @@
 name wrapfig
 category Package
-revision 22048
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Produces figures which text can flow around
 longdesc Allows figures or tables to have text wrapped around them. Does
 longdesc not work in combination with list environments, but can be used
@@ -305006,7 +305007,7 @@
 name xcolor-solarized
 category Package
-revision 41809
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Defines the 16 colors from Ethan Schoonover's Solarized palette
 longdesc Built on top of the xcolor package, this package defines the
 longdesc sixteen colors of Ethan Schoonover's popular color palette,
@@ -305956,7 +305957,7 @@
 name xetex
 category TLCore
-revision 61114
+revision 61719
 shortdesc An extended variant of TeX for use with Unicode sources
 longdesc XeTeX is a TeX typesetting engine using Unicode and supporting
 longdesc modern font technologies such as OpenType, TrueType or Apple
@@ -308275,7 +308276,7 @@
 name xpeek
 category Package
-revision 27442
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Define commands that peek ahead in the input stream
 longdesc The package provides tools to help define commands that, like
 longdesc \xspace and the LaTeX command \textit, peek at what follows
@@ -308296,7 +308297,7 @@
 name xpiano
 category Package
-revision 37604
+revision 61719
 shortdesc An extension of the piano package
 longdesc This package provides macros for typesetting virtual keyboards
 longdesc limited to two octaves for showing notes represented by a
@@ -308756,7 +308757,7 @@
 name xwatermark
 category Package
-revision 28090
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Graphics and text watermarks on selected pages
 longdesc The package extends the author's draftmark and the watermark
 longdesc packages. It is currently unmaintained and does not work with
@@ -308935,7 +308936,7 @@
 name xypic
 category Package
-revision 31859
+revision 61719
 shortdesc Flexible diagramming macros
 longdesc A package for typesetting a variety of graphs and diagrams with
 longdesc TeX. Xy-pic works with most formats (including LaTeX,
@@ -309496,7 +309497,7 @@
 name yazd-thesis
 category Package
-revision 51725
+revision 61719
 shortdesc A template for the Yazd University
 longdesc This package offers a document class for typesetting theses and
 longdesc dissertations at the Yazd University. The class requires use of
@@ -310044,7 +310045,7 @@
 name zapfchan
 category Package
-revision 31835
+revision 61719
 catalogue urw-base35
 shortdesc URW 'Base 35' font pack for LaTeX
 longdesc A set of fonts for use as "drop-in" replacements for Adobe's
@@ -310094,7 +310095,7 @@
 name zapfding
 category Package
-revision 31835
+revision 61719
 catalogue urw-base35
 shortdesc URW 'Base 35' font pack for LaTeX
 longdesc A set of fonts for use as "drop-in" replacements for Adobe's

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