texlive[60718] Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb: autoupdate

commits+karl at tug.org commits+karl at tug.org
Sun Oct 10 01:42:41 CEST 2021

Revision: 60718
Author:   karl
Date:     2021-10-10 01:42:41 +0200 (Sun, 10 Oct 2021)
Log Message:

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb
--- trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb	2021-10-09 20:49:12 UTC (rev 60717)
+++ trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb	2021-10-09 23:42:41 UTC (rev 60718)
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
 depend frozen/0
 depend minrelease/2016
 depend release/2021
-depend revision/60714
+depend revision/60717
 name 00texlive.image
 category TLCore
@@ -4467,7 +4467,7 @@
 name 00texlive.installer
 category TLCore
-revision 60712
+revision 60716
 shortdesc TeX Live standalone installer package
 longdesc This package defines the files to go into the installer
 longdesc archives (install-tl-unx.tar.gz, install-tl.zip) built by the
@@ -269464,7 +269464,7 @@
 name texlive-scripts
 category TLCore
-revision 60712
+revision 60716
 shortdesc TeX Live infrastructure programs
 longdesc Includes install-tl, tl-portable, rungs, etc.; not needed for
 longdesc tlmgr to run but still ours. Not included in tlcritical.
@@ -283133,19 +283133,19 @@
 name truthtable
 category Package
-revision 60681
+revision 60717
 shortdesc Automatically generate truth tables for given variables and statements
 longdesc This LuaLaTeX package permits to automatically generate truth
 longdesc tables given a table header. It supports a number of logical
 longdesc operations which can be combined as needed. It is built upon
 longdesc the luacode package.
-docfiles size=33
+docfiles size=42
  texmf-dist/doc/lualatex/truthtable/README.md details="Readme"
  texmf-dist/doc/lualatex/truthtable/truthtable.pdf details="Package documentation"
-runfiles size=1
+runfiles size=2
 catalogue-contact-bugs https://github.com/K-Trout/truthtable/issues
 catalogue-contact-repository https://github.com/K-Trout/truthtable
@@ -283152,7 +283152,7 @@
 catalogue-ctan /macros/luatex/latex/truthtable
 catalogue-license lppl1.3c
 catalogue-topics maths logic luatex
-catalogue-version 0.0.1
+catalogue-version 0.0.2
 name tsemlines
 category Package

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