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tlmgrbasics (22may21)

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 This is the README for the tlmgrbasics package, 
-version 2021-05-08.
+version 2021-05-22.
 This package provides simplified documentation for tlmgr,
 the TeX Live Native Manager. It is derived from tlmgr.1, the

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 is issued that the caller does not have enough privileges.
+\subsection{The \texttt{paper} Action}
+\item \texttt{tlmgr paper} 
+\item \texttt{tlmgr paper [a4|letter]} 
+\item \texttt{tlmgr \textit{program} paper [a4|letter]} 
+With no arguments, \texttt{tlmgr paper} shows the default paper size for all known programs.
+With one argument (e.g., \texttt{tlmgr paper a4}), sets the default for all known programs to that
+paper size.
+With a \textit{program} given as the first argument and a paper size as the last argument 
+(e.g., \texttt{tlmgr dvips paper a4}), sets the default for that program to that paper size.

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