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Sun Jan 31 01:47:52 CET 2021

Revision: 57568
Author:   karl
Date:     2021-01-31 01:47:52 +0100 (Sun, 31 Jan 2021)
Log Message:

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb
--- trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb	2021-01-30 23:53:28 UTC (rev 57567)
+++ trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb	2021-01-31 00:47:52 UTC (rev 57568)
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
 depend frozen/0
 depend minrelease/2016
 depend release/2020
-depend revision/57555
+depend revision/57567
 name 00texlive.image
 category TLCore
@@ -144546,7 +144546,7 @@
 name kpfonts-otf
 category Package
-revision 56965
+revision 57563
 shortdesc OTF version of the Kp-fonts
 longdesc This bundle provides OpenType versions of the Type1 Kp-fonts
 longdesc designed by Christophe Caignaert. It is usable with LuaTeX or
@@ -144559,7 +144559,7 @@
 longdesc via font features. Math fonts cover all usual symbols including
 longdesc AMS'; a full list of available symbols is provided, see the
 longdesc 'List of glyphs'.
-docfiles size=555
+docfiles size=552
  texmf-dist/doc/fonts/kpfonts-otf/Kpfonts-OTF-Doc-English.pdf details="Package documentation (English)" language="en"
@@ -144567,7 +144567,7 @@
  texmf-dist/doc/fonts/kpfonts-otf/README.md details="Readme"
  texmf-dist/doc/fonts/kpfonts-otf/unimath-kpfonts.pdf details="List of glyphs"
-runfiles size=811
+runfiles size=820
@@ -144597,8 +144597,8 @@
 catalogue-also kpfonts
 catalogue-ctan /fonts/kpfonts-otf
 catalogue-license ofl lppl1.3
-catalogue-topics font font-otf font-serif font-sans font-mono font-maths font-supp
-catalogue-version 0.32
+catalogue-topics font font-body font-serif font-sans font-proportional font-mono font-maths font-otf font-supp
+catalogue-version 0.34
 name ksfh_nat
 category Package
@@ -154166,13 +154166,13 @@
 name lexend
 category Package
-revision 54512
+revision 57564
 shortdesc The Lexend fonts for XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX through fontspec
-longdesc The purpose of this package is pretty straight forward: The
+longdesc The purpose of this package is pretty straightforward: The
 longdesc Lexend font collection has been designed by Dr. Bonnie
 longdesc Shaver-Troup and Thomas Jockin to make reading easier for
-longdesc everyone. Now my goal is it to bring this wonderful collection
-longdesc to world of LaTeX.
+longdesc everyone. Now my goal is to bring this wonderful collection to
+longdesc the world of LaTeX.
 docfiles size=43
  texmf-dist/doc/fonts/lexend/README.md details="Readme"
@@ -154202,8 +154202,8 @@
 catalogue-contact-support https://discord.me/bungeechat
 catalogue-ctan /fonts/lexend
 catalogue-license lppl1.3c ofl
-catalogue-topics font
-catalogue-version 1.0.2
+catalogue-topics font font-collection font-body font-sans font-proportional font-ttf font-supp
 name lexikon
 category Package
@@ -226553,7 +226553,7 @@
 catalogue-ctan /macros/latex/contrib/profcollege
 catalogue-license lppl1.3c
 catalogue-topics maths french teaching
-catalogue-version 0.89
+catalogue-version 0.90
 name program
 category Package
@@ -262292,7 +262292,7 @@
 name tex4ht
 category Package
-revision 57555
+revision 57565
 shortdesc Convert (La)TeX to HTML/XML
 longdesc A converter from TeX and LaTeX to SGML-based formats such as
 longdesc (X)HTML, MathML, OpenDocument, and DocBook, providing a
@@ -270847,12 +270847,12 @@
 name texlive-docindex
 category TLCore
-revision 57548
+revision 57557
 shortdesc top-level TeX Live doc.html, etc.
 longdesc These files are regenerated as needed, which is often, so we
 longdesc make them a separate package. See the tl-update-auto script for
 longdesc the process.
-docfiles size=340
+docfiles size=343
 name texlive-en
@@ -272068,7 +272068,7 @@
 name texlive.infra.win32
 category TLCore
-revision 54745
+revision 57562
 shortdesc win32 files of texlive.infra
 binfiles arch=win32 size=1569

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