texlive[54990] Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb: autoupdate

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Sun May 3 19:18:39 CEST 2020

Revision: 54990
Author:   karl
Date:     2020-05-03 19:18:39 +0200 (Sun, 03 May 2020)
Log Message:

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb
--- trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb	2020-05-03 17:17:32 UTC (rev 54989)
+++ trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb	2020-05-03 17:18:39 UTC (rev 54990)
@@ -26,11 +26,11 @@
 depend frozen/0
 depend minrelease/2016
 depend release/2020
-depend revision/54986
+depend revision/54988
 name 00texlive.image
 category TLCore
-revision 54986
+revision 54989
 shortdesc TeX Live files only in the source repository
 longdesc The files here are not copied by the installer and containers
 longdesc are not built for them; they exist only in the source
@@ -4192,7 +4192,7 @@
 name 00texlive.installer
 category TLCore
-revision 54983
+revision 54988
 shortdesc TeX Live standalone installer package
 longdesc This package defines the files to go into the installer
 longdesc archives (install-tl-unx.tar.gz, install-tl.zip) built by the
@@ -49011,7 +49011,7 @@
 name circuit-macros
 category Package
-revision 53821
+revision 54989
 shortdesc M4 macros for electric circuit diagrams
 longdesc A set of m4 macros for drawing high-quality electric circuits
 longdesc containing fundamental elements, amplifiers, transistors, and
@@ -80908,7 +80908,7 @@
 name dpcircling
 category Package
-revision 54750
+revision 54989
 shortdesc Decorated text boxes using TikZ
 longdesc This simple package provides four types of text decorations
 longdesc using TikZ. You can frame your text with circles, rectangles,
@@ -114538,7 +114538,7 @@
 name gincltex
 category Package
-revision 23835
+revision 54989
 shortdesc Include TeX files as graphics (.tex support for \includegraphics)
 longdesc The package builds on the standard LaTeX packages graphics
 longdesc and/or graphicx and allows external LaTeX source files to be
@@ -172772,7 +172772,7 @@
 name mfware
 category TLCore
-revision 54070
+revision 54989
 shortdesc Supporting tools for use with Metafont
 longdesc A collection of programs (as web source) for processing the
 longdesc output of Metafont.
@@ -208028,7 +208028,7 @@
 name patgen
 category TLCore
-revision 54070
+revision 54989
 shortdesc Generate hyphenation patterns
 longdesc Patgen takes a list of hyphenated words and generates a set of
 longdesc patterns that can be used by the TeX 82 hyphenation algorithm.
@@ -264226,7 +264226,7 @@
 name texlive-scripts
 category TLCore
-revision 54983
+revision 54988
 shortdesc TeX Live infrastructure programs
 longdesc Includes install-tl, tl-portable, rungs, etc.; not needed for
 longdesc tlmgr to run but still ours. Not included in tlcritical.
@@ -266715,7 +266715,7 @@
 name texware
 category TLCore
-revision 54070
+revision 54989
 shortdesc Utility programs for use with TeX
 longdesc Basic utitility programs, comprising: dvitype, which converts a
 longdesc TeX output (DVI) file to a plain text file (see also the DVI
@@ -297829,7 +297829,7 @@
 name zhlipsum
 category Package
-revision 54758
+revision 54989
 shortdesc Chinese dummy text
 longdesc This package provides an interface to dummy text in Chinese
 longdesc language, which will be useful for testing Chinese documents.

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