texlive[57133] Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb: autoupdate

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Mon Dec 14 01:47:44 CET 2020

Revision: 57133
Author:   karl
Date:     2020-12-14 01:47:44 +0100 (Mon, 14 Dec 2020)
Log Message:

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb
--- trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb	2020-12-13 22:52:13 UTC (rev 57132)
+++ trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb	2020-12-14 00:47:44 UTC (rev 57133)
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
 depend frozen/0
 depend minrelease/2016
 depend release/2020
-depend revision/57119
+depend revision/57132
 name 00texlive.image
 category TLCore
@@ -4304,7 +4304,7 @@
 name 00texlive.installer
 category TLCore
-revision 57111
+revision 57121
 shortdesc TeX Live standalone installer package
 longdesc This package defines the files to go into the installer
 longdesc archives (install-tl-unx.tar.gz, install-tl.zip) built by the
@@ -26278,13 +26278,13 @@
 name babel-japanese
 category Package
-revision 57078
+revision 57129
 shortdesc Babel support for Japanese
 longdesc This package provides a japanese option for the babel package.
 longdesc It defines all the language definition macros in Japanese.
 longdesc Currently this package works with pLaTeX, upLaTeX, XeLaTeX and
 longdesc LuaLaTeX.
-docfiles size=134
+docfiles size=138
  texmf-dist/doc/generic/babel-japanese/README.md details="Readme"
  texmf-dist/doc/generic/babel-japanese/babel-japanese-sample.pdf details="Example of use (Japanese)" language="ja"
@@ -26301,7 +26301,6 @@
 catalogue-ctan /macros/latex/contrib/babel-contrib/japanese
 catalogue-license lppl1.3
 catalogue-topics japanese multilingual-addon
-catalogue-version 3.0
 name babel-kurmanji
 category Package
@@ -93945,13 +93944,13 @@
 name enotez
 category Package
-revision 54512
+revision 57130
 shortdesc Support for end-notes
 longdesc The package allows nested endnotes, supports hyperref and
 longdesc provides means for easy customization of the list of notes. The
 longdesc package requires the expl3 bundle and packages from the LaTeX 3
 longdesc 'package set'.
-docfiles size=118
+docfiles size=119
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/enotez/README details="Readme"
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/enotez/enotez_en.pdf details="Package documentation"
@@ -93962,9 +93961,9 @@
 catalogue-contact-bugs https://github.com/cgnieder/enotez/issues
 catalogue-contact-repository https://github.com/cgnieder/enotez/
 catalogue-ctan /macros/latex/contrib/enotez
-catalogue-license lppl1.3
+catalogue-license lppl1.3c
 catalogue-topics endnote expl3
-catalogue-version 0.10b
+catalogue-version 0.10c
 name enumitem
 category Package
@@ -227600,11 +227599,11 @@
 name ptex-manual
 category Package
-revision 54450
+revision 57128
 shortdesc Japanese pTeX manual
 longdesc This package contains the Japanese pTeX manual. Feedback is
 longdesc welcome!
-docfiles size=718
+docfiles size=708
  texmf-dist/doc/ptex/ptex-manual/README.md details="Readme"
@@ -257550,7 +257549,7 @@
 name tex4ht
 category Package
-revision 57077
+revision 57127
 shortdesc Convert (La)TeX to HTML/XML
 longdesc A converter from TeX and LaTeX to SGML-based formats such as
 longdesc (X)HTML, MathML, OpenDocument, and DocBook, providing a
@@ -257635,7 +257634,7 @@
-runfiles size=9682
+runfiles size=9346
@@ -265599,7 +265598,7 @@
 name texlive-common
 category TLCore
-revision 57004
+revision 57121
 shortdesc TeX Live documentation (common elements)
 postaction shortcut type=menu name="TeX Live documentation" 	cmd=TEXDIR/texmf-dist/doc/texlive/index.html
 docfiles size=175
@@ -265854,7 +265853,7 @@
 name texlive-scripts
 category TLCore
-revision 57111
+revision 57121
 shortdesc TeX Live infrastructure programs
 longdesc Includes install-tl, tl-portable, rungs, etc.; not needed for
 longdesc tlmgr to run but still ours. Not included in tlcritical.
@@ -266714,7 +266713,7 @@
 name texlive.infra
 category TLCore
-revision 57119
+revision 57132
 shortdesc basic TeX Live infrastructure
 longdesc This package contains the files needed to get tlmgr running:
 longdesc perl modules, xz binaries, plus (sometimes) tar, wget, lz4, and

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