[tex-k] xdvik and gcc14, pull request / bug report on github texlive-source

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Feb 26 00:02:44 CET 2024

    After trying to apply your patch I get this error:

Thanks for the reply.

      541 |     XawListChange(LIST_WIDGET, (const String *) page_info.page_labels, 0,

There was no const in my patch. I changed the line to be:
  XawListChange(LIST_WIDGET, (String *) page_info.page_labels, 0,

But never mind, since from the changes you found, I guess casting to
(String) won't help.

Evidently the XawListChange arg now has type _Xconst char**, whereas it
has classically (and still reasonably recently, i.e., current EL9) been
"String" without const. I see no simple way to deal with that conflict.

The only robust solution I can think of is to add a configure test to
figure out what the type is. Unfortunately, I won't have time or energy
to work on that any time soon, if ever.

If someone else can come up with a fix, great.  If not, I guess you'll
have to keep that change as a downstream patch, at least until the new
List.h is more widely distributed, however many years from now. --best, karl.

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