[tex-k] Potential bug in MF: missing output in transcript file & long diagnostics on terminal

Dominik Leininger dominik.leininger at t-online.de
Thu Aug 24 21:13:36 CEST 2023

Hi Karl,

Thank you for the clear explanation. It really does make sense now.
While I couldn't find similar reports in the mail archives, I suppose my 
search terms might have been suboptimal.

Best regards,


Am 23.08.2023 um 22:53 schrieb Karl Berry:
> Hi Dominik,
>      Running MF with `\ show tracingonline; show origin..right; end'
> (The equivalent thing happens with TeX.) The issue is that the first
> line of input is special -- Knuth wanted to allow
> **\arbitrarystuff ... \input foo
> and get foo.log as the log file name. (Or the \input foo could even
> happen within the \arbitrarystuff.) This means any output that would be
> logged before the log file is open gets dumped to the terminal.
> Quite a few people have noticed this over the years, so
> I added this to the nobug page:
> https://tug.org/texmfbug/nobug.html#firstlinenolog
> Thanks for the report,
> Karl

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