[tex-k] Bug in cmbase.mf & CMT, p. 325: erased dish slightly misplaced in dish_serif

Dominik Leininger dominik.leininger at t-online.de
Sun Aug 20 17:48:51 CEST 2023

Hello everyone,

For slanted fonts (slant <> 0) with dish serifs (dish > 0) drawn with a 
pen (crisp>0), the erased path of height `dish' is not positioned 
correctly. The dish_serif macro doesn't take into account the fact that 
the pen shape is not slanted. Therefore the position of the path defined 
in line 58 of cmbase.mf is slightly off. To get the correct position you 
need to add something like ` shifted (if y$<y$$:+else:-fi 
crisp/2*slant,0)' at the end of the last statement in this macro, in 
line 58, to the left of the semicolon.

This problem can also be solved with two shifted and one slanted 
(-slant) transform but I tend to think that the path itself should 
remain slanted, i.e. the (x$,dish_in) should be a little to the right of 
the middle of (x at 1,dish_out) and (x@@1,dish_out) for slant>0. What do 
you think?

This change only affects cmff10, cmti12, cmti10, cmti9, cmti8, cmti7, 
cmmi12, cmmi10, cmmi9, cmmi8, cmmi7, cmmi6, cmmi5, cmbxti10, cmmib10, 
and cmfi10. All other CM typefaces do not meet the three criteria 
mentioned above.

This should also be corrected on page E325, penultimate line.

Best regards,


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