[tex-k] How dvips loads tfm files for virtual fonts?

Igor Liferenko igor.liferenko at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 08:37:32 CEST 2022


Dvips does not load tfm-files for fonts which are not listed in psfonts.map
This can be verified with this these commands:

    echo 'A \bye' >x.tex
    tex x
    dvips -Ppdf -d -1 x 2>&1 | grep 'fopen.*tfm' # tfm is opened
    dvips -Ppk -d -1 x 2>&1 | grep 'fopen.*tfm'  # tfm not opened

Virtual fonts are not present in map-file.
But their metrics should be loaded, as these metrics are actually
used during the typesetting (not the metrics of underlying fonts).
Let's check:

    echo '\font\ptm=ptmr7t \ptm A \bye' >y.tex
    tex y
    dvips -Ppk -d -1 y 2>&1 | grep 'fopen.*tfm'

We see that ptmr7t.tfm is not loaded. Why?

Also, which rules determine that ptmr8r.tfm is loaded? And if a
virtual font would
consist of more that one font, will metrics for all of them be loaded?

Best regards

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