[tex-k] Building svn57874.tar.gz (from github)

texlive at schoepfer.info texlive at schoepfer.info
Sun Mar 7 01:52:25 CET 2021

> kdebug:Search path for cnf files (from TEXMFCNF environment variable)
> kdebug:  = /tmp/texlive-source-svn57874/texk/kpathsea/tests/cnfline
> That is the correct place. What is the contents of that texmf.cnf?

# $Id$
# Public domain. This tiny texmf.cnf is for kpathsea/tests/cnfline.test.

As i'm not sure anymore if i really had used the same options while 
i again did some testbuilds and noticed that without --enable-shared the 
test works.
With --enabled-shared, /tmp/texlive-build/texk/kpathsea/kpsewhich is a 
shell-script/wrapper and not a binary.

I did the debugging from your former answer and compared:
--- /tmp/out.shared	2021-03-07 01:26:16.472055725 +0100
+++ /tmp/out.static	2021-03-07 01:27:06.731057535 +0100
@@ -44,5 +44,5 @@
  kdebug:start search(xname=aliases, must_exist=1, find_all=1, 
  kdebug: path_search(file=aliases, must_exist=1, find_all=1, 
  kdebug:returning from search(aliases) =>
-kdebug:variable: maxpr = 100
+kdebug:variable: maxpr = 200

So maybe it's something with this wrapper-script, and the binary 
kpsewhich(when its needed libs and itself is installed) has no problem.

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