[tex-k] Bug report for the 2029 TeX tune-up - Error-message is expected but the text of the error-message is incorrect

ud.usenetcorrespondence at web.de ud.usenetcorrespondence at web.de
Wed Jun 23 18:19:49 CEST 2021

Karl Berry wrote:

> Hi Ulrich,
> \endinput\edef\foobar{\input FileA.tex }%
> ...
> ! File ended while scanning definition of \foobar.
> Well, reading of a file did in fact end (because of the \endinput). As
> you know, that is how \endinput works, as you and Donald A and others
> discussed at length in the prior tex.sx post
> https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/554770.
> TeX's hardwired error messages can't consider every conceivable
> situation. So I don't see an actual error here.

The phrase "File ended" implies that the end of the file in
question was reached which is not the case in the scenario
pointed out by me.

That's why I suggested:

! Processing the file ended while scanning definition of \foobar.

This phrase does not imply a reason for ending the processing
of the file and therefore might be less misleading in situations
like the scenario pointed out by me and might cover more
situations correctly.


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