[tex-k] \tracinglostchars and \newlinechar

ud.usenetcorrespondence at web.de ud.usenetcorrespondence at web.de
Wed Jul 21 18:20:37 CEST 2021

I wrote:

> Via   \tracinglostchars=2  one can have TeX write messages
> about missing characters in font to the .log-file.
> Within the message in question the missing character is
> displayed.
> The problem is:
> The newlinechar-mechanism is applied to the character which
> is to be displayed:

Reconsidering things I come to the conclusion that this
is **not** a bug:

TeXbook, Chapter 24: Summary of Vertical Mode   says
about \newlinechar:

|  \newlinechar (character that starts a new output line)

In the TeXbook I did not find any statement clarifying/
restricting how the output where the new output line 
belongs to is to come into being.

So the \newlinechar-mechanism is not restricted to output 
due to `\write` but also applies in situations where
output to file/console comes into being in other ways,
e.g., due to TeX writing whatsoever things to .log-file
or console.

Sorry for the noise.



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