[tex-k] typo A332

胡亚捷 (Hu Yajie) 2500418497 at qq.com
Sun Feb 28 10:15:39 CET 2021

I noticed the typo on January 24, but didn't report due to Knuth saying

    I want to keep things just as they are now, unless there's
    a real technical mistake, not a mere twiddle that would be nice.

which I interpreted as "typographical errors will no longer be fixed".

If reports on typographical errors are still accepted, here's another one
introduced in the 2021 tuneup: On C72 and C211,

    <numeric atom not followed by [ <expression> , >

should have the code fragment `[ <expression> ,' enclosed in single-quotes,
for consistency with

    <numeric token not followed by `/ <numeric token>' >

There are some other typos in the latest errata.tex: C187: change "line11"
to "line 11". C249: change "ht" (including the double-quotes) to {\it ht\/}.
B36, D33: print("E to edit your file." lacks a closing parenthesis.
B103, D86: change <Global variables  13>+ = to <Global variables 13> +=.
A105--A277: the angle brackets should not be thinspace padded. And finally,
B40, B193, B214, B537, D2, D37, D324, D351, D520: {\tt `} and {\tt '} should
appear in \ and / style, not 6 and 9 style. (This list may not be exhaustive,
and I don't find it important to fix them, really.)

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