[tex-k] mftrace: encoding files for LH-fonts

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Thu Dec 24 11:57:01 CET 2020

>> There is a complete set of fonts for cyrillic, called LH-fonts.
>> LH-fonts are completely analogous to CM-fonts in slots 0--127.  They
>> are written in metafont.
> You are aware that you are reinventing the wheel?  Have a look at
> the cm-super fonts that do include the LH fonts.

By the way: Other fonts that do something similar are 'cm-lgc' and

You might also have a look at the 'cmap' and 'mmap' LaTeX packages,
which provide proper `ToUnicode` maps to make PDF files generated by
pdflatex searchable and usable for copy and paste.


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