[tex-k] texmf.cnf feature request

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Dec 12 00:49:36 CET 2018

    styles will be searched: .//tex/latex// and .//tex//generic// 

And anything under .//tex// (from the trailing comma). But ok, point taken.

    Other problem: lua libs is not covered by $TEXMF. 



So, I guess I'm willing to make the change, but I'm afraid I don't like
the name $DOTTEXDIR, because (a) we try to use TEXMF as a prefix for
[new] variable names, and (b) it's not just TeX. I'm thinking
TEXMFDOTDIR. I know it's suboptimal for you not to keep the name you've
been using, but ...


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