[tex-k] texmf.cnf feature request

Linas Stonys lstonys at vtex.lt
Fri Dec 7 07:18:26 CET 2018

If I understand correct TEXMF is a list

To every item of this list will be appended some part
TEXINPUTS.latex = $DOTTEXDIR;$TEXMF/tex/{latex,generic,}//

so with TEXMFAUXTREES=.//,
styles will be searched: .//tex/latex// and .//tex//generic// which is 
not an option for me.

Other problem: lua libs is not covered by $TEXMF. So with edited 
$TEXMFHOME and having some scripts locally can be a problem.

% Lua needs to look for binary lua libraries distributed with packages.
CLUAINPUTS = $DOTTEXDIR;$SELFAUTOLOC/lib/{$progname,$engine,}/lua//

$DOTTEXDIR I use since texlive2010 and didn't have any problems that's 
why I sought it could become a standard :)

On 12/7/2018 12:09 AM, Karl Berry wrote:
>      I've edited texmf.cnf by adding a new variable DOTTEXDIR = .//
>      to every variable in the place of ".".
> I don't have any specific problem at hand, but I am somehow worried
> about "generalizing" . to be a variable in every path. It feels like an
> intrusive change even though the effect "should" be nil.
> I tend to think of this as "adding another tree" (which happens to be
> the current directory), instead of "replacing .". What about using one
> of the other mechanisms to add .// to the $TEXMF list? For instance:
>    TEXMFHOME=.//
> Or the new "aux trees" variable that was introduced in 2017:
> The trailing comma is necessary to make it work with the default
> texmf.cnf.
> For the record, it can also be defined with tlmgr:
>    tlmgr conf auxtrees add .//
> though given your working on texmf.cnf, I'm guessing you prefer to do
> things directly.
> I hope one of these, or similar, will work ... --thanks, karl.

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