[tex-k] How Does One Create pk Files From A PostScript Font?

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Fri Jun 8 02:27:09 CEST 2012

On 2012-06-07 at 09:10:05 -0600, Jay F Shachter wrote:

 > I have some PostScript definitions of fonts that I would like to use
 > in TeX.  I created the necessary tfm file by running afm2tfm on an afm
 > file that I had earlier created from the font definitions by using
 > $GS_HOME/lib/printafm.ps (part of the GhostScript distribution; I
 > observe, parenthetically, that the printafm procedure choked until I
 > modified the font definition by adding an otherwise unnecessary
 > FontName entry to the font dictionary).
 > At this point, I can, presumably (I have not tried it), create dvi
 > files using TeX.  The remaining unsolved problem is creating pk files
 > so that my TeX output can be rendered.  The (misnamed) ps2pk program
 > requires a .pfb or .psa file.  I have neither, only a .ps file
 > containing a dictionary definition indexed by the keys /FontName,
 > /FontType, /FontMatrix, /FontBBox, /PaintType, /FontInfo (which is
 > itself a dictionary), /Encoding, /Metrics, /CharStrings, and
 > /BuildChar.
 > Of course, I understand that the name of a file means nothing.  I can
 > certainly copy or rename the .ps file to a .pfa file.  The more
 > substantive problem is that ps2pk seems to insist on a Type 1 font.
 > Thus:
 >   $ cp OldJaffa.ps OldJaffa.pfa
 >   $ ps2pk OldJaffa
 >   psfile = ./OldJaffa.pfa
 >   afmfile = ./OldJaffa.afm
 >   basename of OldJaffa = OldJaffa
 >   basename of ./OldJaffa.pfa = OldJaffa.pfa
 >   Type1OpenScalable error (result: -2) on ./OldJaffa.pfa 
 > My PostScript files define Type 3 fonts, not Type 1 fonts.  How do I
 > use them with TeX?  Thank you in advance for any and all replies.  You
 > may reach me using any of the means indicated below.

Trying to create .pk fonts is a step into the wrong direction, IMO.
It makes more sense to create a Type 1 font instead.  In order to find
out the best approach, I need more details about your font.  Are there
outlines already or are glyphs described with arbitrary PostScript code?


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