[tex-k] Unable to access documentation files using TeXdoc-GUI

DJBafia_(dB) d.j.bafia_dB at shaw.ca
Thu Apr 26 08:38:18 CEST 2012


I am new to using TeX and TeXLive.

I installed TeXLive on my computer. The operating system is Windows XP,
32-bit. The path for the TeXLive installation is D:\Program

When I run TeXdoc-GUI and go to look at /any/ documents in /any/ of the
documentation browser lists, a pop-up Windows/DOS command window appears
with the following error:

    /Cannot access file D:\Program/

and underneath this error appears the path to the document file. So for
example, if I was trying to view "The unofficial LaTeX-2e reference
manual", the path displayed in the command window after the error message is


It seems that TeXdoc-GUI does not like the space in the folder name
"Program Files", sees only the word "Program" and thinks it is a file
name, and ignores everything else after the word "Program".

This happens for every document I have so far, tried to view.

Can I have spaces in the folder names in the path that points to the


David Bafia
Edmonton, AB

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