[tex-k] Unable to access documentation files using TeXdoc-GUI

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Apr 30 23:43:02 CEST 2012

Hi David,

first of all, this is not the right list to ask these questions, it
os for the *development* of TeX and related programs, not for questions
concerning installations. You will be much better of asking at
comp.text.tex, where many people regularly answer.

Or asking at the tex-live mailing list at tug.org, which is responsible
for the TeX Live development.

On Do, 26 Apr 2012, DJBafia_(dB) wrote:
> When I run TeXdoc-GUI and go to look at /any/ documents in /any/ of the
> documentation browser lists, a pop-up Windows/DOS command window appears
> with the following error:
>     /Cannot access file D:\Program/

Yeah, texdoctk does not support spaces in paths, AFAIR.
You should have used the default installation path we offer, namley
c:\texlive\2011 or changed it to d:\texlive\2011.

> Can I have spaces in the folder names in the path that points to the
> documents?

Yes you can, but texdoctk does not support it.

YOu can use the command line (cmd shell) and
to search and view documents, that *should* work, but I cannot guarantee.

Best wishes

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