[tex-k] xdvi problems with empty glyph

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Mon Oct 9 07:16:29 CEST 2006

[xdvi 22.84.10, T1lib 5.0.1]

The attached Chinese document (which can be directly displayed with
the current TeXLive repository) exhibits a buglet in xdvi (or t1lib).
It says

  xdvi-xaw.bin: Warning: Character 0 is mapped to .notdef
                in font gbsnu30 (page 1), replacing by whitespace.

Glyph 0 in virtual font gbsnlp01 maps to glyph 0 in real font gbsnu30.
This is indeed an empty glyph which is identical to `.notdef';
however, it is called `uni3000' (using the built-in encoding vector).
Somehow the mapping is screwed up.

A minor nit: The grammatical construction in the warning message seems
odd to me.  I suggest

  Warning: Character 0 is mapped to .notdef in font gbsnu30 (page 1).
           Replaced with whitespace.

or something like this.  Perhaps it's even possible to refer to the
original virtual font too, making it easier to identify the
problematic spot in the document.

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