[tex-k] [tex-live] xdvi problems with empty glyph

Stefan Ulrich stefanulrich at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Oct 10 00:09:08 CEST 2006

Werner LEMBERG <wl at gnu.org> writes:

> [xdvi 22.84.10, T1lib 5.0.1]
> The attached Chinese document (which can be directly displayed with
> the current TeXLive repository) exhibits a buglet in xdvi (or t1lib).
> It says

>   xdvi-xaw.bin: Warning: Character 0 is mapped to .notdef
>                 in font gbsnu30 (page 1), replacing by whitespace.

> Glyph 0 in virtual font gbsnlp01 maps to glyph 0 in real font gbsnu30.
> This is indeed an empty glyph which is identical to `.notdef';

I couldn't reproduce this problem (I dont' have TeXLive available and
tried to install the CJK package manually but failed) - I didn't quite
understand this part of your report:

> however, it is called `uni3000' (using the built-in encoding vector).
> Somehow the mapping is screwed up.

Would you like the error message to read

Warning: Character uni3000 is mapped to .notdef

instead? Or is this a whitespace character that is erroneously
reported as .notdef?

> A minor nit: The grammatical construction in the warning message seems
> odd to me.  I suggest

>   Warning: Character 0 is mapped to .notdef in font gbsnu30 (page 1).
>            Replaced with whitespace.

> or something like this.

OK, I thought "replaced by" and "replaced with" are more or less
equivalent, but perhaps this reads better.

> Perhaps it's even possible to refer to the original virtual font
> too, making it easier to identify the problematic spot in the
> document.

I'm afraid that's not easily possible since the virtual font stuff
works in a recursive way so that the name of the original virtual
font isn't known at the point where the error occurs.

Best regards,

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