[tex-k] header special extension proposal

Hendri Adriaens Hendri at uvt.nl
Thu Aug 18 10:45:00 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I implemented the method (for now!) in the package graphicx-add for
demostrational purposes. See here:

Notice that testa.tex doesn't use \loadgraphics and testb.tex does. Compare
ps file sizes.

It took me a while to develop this as I crashed head forward into a bug in
miktex (here) which I had reported in march 2004. That hurts.

will return yes because it is in the ha-prosper package (if installed).

I copied this file to a subdir (as you will see in the example) to test
\graphicspath. But because miktex tells graphics that ./flower.ps exists, it
thinks that it is in the current dir, adding no path and dvips then fails
because the file is not there. I renamed the files to mydices and myflower
to overcome the bug and reported it again... Unfortunately, I didn't
remember this immediately...

Anyway, the package seems to work and produce smaller ps files. One
restriction is that the graphic must have a bounding box defined in the file
because \loadgraphics already needs to know this. I will extend this macro
later to also accept a bb argument there.

Feel free to have a look and comment. The package should not be distributed
yet of course!


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