[tex-k] header special extension proposal

Hendri Adriaens Hendri at uvt.nl
Fri Aug 19 10:50:08 CEST 2005


> I installed these latest changes so Hendri can test.  (I think/hope I
> got the right version, I'm sure you'll inform if not. :)  Many thanks ...

I did find one problem with the current implementation which I have
overlooked until now while working only locally: the header special only
looks in the current dir and in (local)texmf/dvips for header files, while
the psfile special also looks in the texmf/tex tree.

In order for packages to be able to use the extension of the header special,
they should install the graphics in the dvips tree, or the header special
should be extended to also look in the tex tree.

The latter is the easiest from the perspecitive of package developers, but
I'm not sure whether that could damage current packages or behavior.

At the moment, if a graphic is available in the tex tree only, \IfFileExists
of course returns `true' without any specific path and when entering that in
\special{header={...}} will make dvips complain. I could modify graphicx-add
to use a special \IfFileExists that only looks in paths relative to the
current dir (if miktex coorperates ;) ) in case \loadgraphics is used. That
will make sure that an end-user cannot include anything not in the current
dir so that dvips will have no problem, but it also block the use of
graphicx-add from the tex tree (other packages).

I'm looking forward to your opinions on this.


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