[tex-k] problem with access program

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Mon Dec 22 12:41:13 CET 2003

> or texlive system recently? -- that would explain it.  i would imagine
> that the problem would be solved simply by deleting the tex-related
> access program (or rather, moving it off your PATH).  however, i'm
> afraid i don't know where it's used in a tex system -- could simply be
> "at installation time" -- try the experiment and see what happens.

access is used by mktexlsr and mktexnam. You can safely rename the
access program included in your tex setup, if you adjust these two
scripts accordingly, e.g. rename
  access to kpse_access
and change

    access -w "$MT_DESTROOT" || USE_ALTERNATE=1
    kpse_access -w "$MT_DESTROOT" || USE_ALTERNATE=1

in mktexnam and

  access -w "$db_file" || { echo "$progname: $db_file: no write permission. Skipping..." >&2; continue; }
  kpse_access -w "$db_file" || { echo "$progname: $db_file: no write permission. Skipping..." >&2; continue; }

in mktexlsr.


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