[tex-k] problem with access program

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Mon Dec 22 11:08:13 CET 2003

> What I am trying to use is the access program that will turn .sph file (of
> the program RIBBONS) to *.dsn6 map file.
> are we talking about the same program. At lease few month ago I used what
> I wrote you and it worked fine. 

access would appear to be a part of the tex-k setup (by the look of
it, something to do with scripting).  have you installed a new tetex
or texlive system recently? -- that would explain it.  i would imagine
that the problem would be solved simply by deleting the tex-related
access program (or rather, moving it off your PATH).  however, i'm
afraid i don't know where it's used in a tex system -- could simply be
"at installation time" -- try the experiment and see what happens.

fwiw, i've no experience of either your .sph or your .dsn6 files.  but
then i'm a computer scientist, and one might imagine that your files
are something to do with experimental biological science...

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