[tex-hyphen] extending `hyph-zh-latn-pinyin.tex'

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Wed Nov 21 23:10:36 CET 2018

>>   (1) Another file.
>>       This solution I rather dislike.
> This is what I would go for.
> But I would create a simple script in any programming language (lua,
> ruby, python, ...) and generate two pattern files out of it.

  As Mojca said, without the shadow of a doubt.  Just use a single file
as the source, and generate both versions with a simple script.  In this
particular case the source file can be the full UTF-8 pattern set, so
the file for pdfTeX can be ignored by applications not interested in it.
Or we can use the current file and generate the UTF-8 file with tone
marks out of it.



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