[tex-hyphen] US English patterns in hyph-en-us.pat.txt are buggy

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Sat Jun 10 23:23:41 CEST 2017

roozbeh made this comment regarding a report about
mishyphenation by android of "democrat":

    > I think the source of the problem is that the authors of the extended
    > pattern file derived the modified patterns based on TUGboat's exception
    > list, they created that "5moc1ra1t" pattern based on the word
    > "de-moc-ra-tism" and didn't notice that adding it would cause "democrat"
    > and "democrats" to be hyphenated incorrectly.

indeed, the original patterns do not hyphenate "democrat"
at all.  an exception has been added to the tugboat list, which
I expect to include in the last regular issue this year.

    > I believe as a temporary solution, the US English hyphenation patterns
    > should be restored to the Plain TeX version, and the exception list should
    > get extended to include everything in
    > .../hyphenex/ushyphex.tex

(sorry I can't reproduce the exact url; it has been modified by
the email system I'm forced to use.)

to which arthur responded

     I don’t think we’d like to do that, but we’ll think of a solution, and
    thank you again for reporting the issue.

I concur with the thanks, but would like to point out that the
file ushyphex.tex is created directly from the exception list in
tugboat, so performing the suggested operation would have
no useful effect.  a new version of the list, along with a newly
generated of ushyphex.tex, will be posted as soon as the next
issue of tugboat has been published.  (or, on request, a version
containing what has already been added could be posted, with
the "official" release posted when the tugboat list is published.
however, I haven't time right now to proof it carefully.)
						-- bb

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