[tex-hyphen] Names of files in OFFO

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 08:07:56 CET 2016

Dear Simon and Luis,

I didn't look at
careful enough, but Arthur noticed that some of our filenames were
incorrectly translated to your filenames.

Here is what Arthur wrote:

> For Classical Latin, the BCP 47
> code that we devised (la-x-classic) apparently had to be converted, and
> the contributor chose la_CL (commit #726).  Now, the only way to interpret
> that is as a POSIX locale code where the first part is an ISO 639-1
> language code, and the second one an ISO 3166-1 country code.  Which
> thus means ... Latin as used in Chile.  The code for mul-ethi
> doesn’t make sense either (mul_ET: multiple languages used in Ethiopia,
> instead of using the Ethiopic script); it was there before.
>   This means our repository is partially responsible for diffusing
> nonsensical language codes, in spite of all the care we took to clean up
> the situation.

Simon, Luis, we are using the only way to assign names to languages
that gives us sufficient flexibility, that is
We will have to document this better at some place.

If you need different codes, we probably need to come up with some
solution that works for you. Some names in our repository are indeed a
bit "weird", but I don't know how to express Classical Latin as a
POSIX locale. For Ethiopic scripts we could probably come up with a
list of all languages written in that script.


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