[tex-hyphen] a question about "office"

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Fri Feb 5 14:56:38 CET 2016

dear pablo,

    I?m not sure whether the patterns should have exceptions for LibreOffice
    and OpenOffice.

    I must confess that English hyphenation is magic to me (I understand
    hyphenation in German, Latin and ancient Greek [and of course, in
    Spanish]). But English hyphenation is beyond my understanding.

well, english *spelling* is beyond
the understanding of many english
speakers, even those who "grew up"
with it.  i'll accept your suggestion,
but am not today where i can co anything
about it.  (office closed on account of

    So I submit the issue to your consideration (maybe "Li-bre-Office" and
    "Open-Office" should be the right hyphenation points for those words).

i agree with "Open-Office", but nothing
will persuade me to hyphenate "Libre"
(hyphen before "Office" is good.)
					-- bb

    Many thanks for your help

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