[tex-hyphen] a question about "office"

Pablo Rodríguez oinos at web.de
Fri Feb 5 08:55:15 CET 2016

On 02/04/2016 10:12 PM, Jonathan Kew wrote:
> [...]
> The hyphenation shouldn't depend on the font being used, surely.
> My guess is that there's a bug whereby it fails to find hyphenation 
> points that happen to occur within ligatures.
> Can it hyphenate "surfing" (using typical fonts that have an "fi" ligature)?
> Whether this is a LuaTeX engine bug or a ConTeXt macro bug is another 
> question....


"surfing" is hyphenated as "surf-ing". It seems to be a compromise
solution in ConTeXt with "ffi".

But you’re right, it is weird that fonts from the distribution give
worse hyphenation results (althought the case is rare) than external
OpenType fonts.

Many thanks for your help,


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